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Egor Oussov

2 years ago

Service improved since last interaction!!!! hosting is unstable and support is rubbish, whatsup support is delayed where you can spend 2 hours on a simple inquiry, call centre doesn't take calls anymore and when there is a national issue with hosting you find out by accident when you emails start bouncing later to discover that Afrihost is having issues. Will start looking for an alternative service provider

michelle henri

9 months ago

Thulanie is amazing. I’m grateful for the knowledge, patience and professionalism with which my call was conducted. Thank you so much, Michelle

Mark Naidoo

3 months ago

Absolute pleasure being a customer, even with connectivity issues all queries are handled timeously and within excellent response times with resolutions. I always will recommend Afrihost to any family members, friends, colleagues and even strangers

Emivua Online Trading

3 months ago

First time I deal with Afrihost Support seamlessly. Sakhile was simply amazing, professional and had clear troubleshooting steps and solutions steps. Please clone him!!!

I like pie

1 year ago

Unbelievable service and quality.... Ordered my fixed LTE at 9am in morning and received it after 2 hours... The routers were already set up with sim and wifi setting as per application, very thoughtful! Never seen anything like this in south Africa.... This is some ultra developed world kind of experience. Unbelievable!!

Caurrider Longwe

2 years ago

So I just got off WhatsApp with an Agent called Linda and we were online for almostc2 hours. Linda has a high levels of patience a trait really required for the kind of job and services being offered at Afrihost. Linda is a typical depiction of Afrihosts symbol of value. The efficiency, the knowledge and understanding of his job description is beyond spectacular. Thank you Afrihost for investing in your people.

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